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Summer Intern Stats

InternstatisticsCheck out our summer intern stats.

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Marketing Internship Projects

The month of August has arrived, and my marketing internship is coming to a close. I cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone by. I have worked on several projects this summer for South Dakota’s Bureau of Human Resources.

Here are the projects I worked on this summer:

1. I created a wheelie brochure for South Dakota Careers which includes career fields and positions as well as the benefits of working for the state of South Dakota.
2. I started this SD Careers blog to give internships career advice as well as to share my experiences of being an intern.
3. I assisted with writing statuses and tweets for the social media pages.
4. I created infographics for South Dakota Careers social media pages and this blog.
5. I helped copyedit a poster and other materials.
6. I interviewed South Dakota State employees in Custer, Sioux Falls and Yankton.
7. I learned how to edit and create video interviews for the SD Careers social media pages.

All of these projects have helped me gain experience in the field of communications, and I definitely recommend any college student to work for South Dakota to gain experience for his or her career field. I’m thankful I was hired for this internship, and I have gained a lot of professional experience that I never could have learned in a college class.

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Benefits of Being an Intern


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How to apply for a SD State Job




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Visiting Sioux Falls and Yankton

I went to Sioux Falls and Yankton earlier last week to interview employees and to take pictures. My first stop was the State Penitentiary where I took pictures of two of the officers working in the control room. The fun part was walking through a narrow passageway in the basement and climbing up a spiral staircase to reach the control room. After taking pictures of the officers, I took some pictures of other employees and of the State Penitentiary. The best part was seeing some of the inmates working with puppies. I then interviewed a chemical dependency counselor and a mental health professional.

My next stop was going to the Department of Transportation to interview engineers, a project technician, and a maintenance supervisor. All of them were knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. I had the opportunity to see the laboratory where they use different equipment to analyze soil.

Next, I went to the driver exam station to interview one of the employees there. The driver exam station was quite busy, and I’m glad one of the employees took time out of his day to talk to us about what it’s like assisting different people that come into the exam station.

My last stop of the day was back at the Department of Public Safety to interview a police officer and her police dog. What was really cool was that she said commands to the dog in German. I also gained some insight about what it’s like to be a highway patrol officer.

The next day I traveled to Yankton to interview nurses, social workers, and mental health professionals at the Human Services Center. I never realized how large the center is and variety of services it offers. I’m not a fan of hospitals, but the center had inspiring quotes and photographs on its walls, and I felt at ease. The center had everything from recreation rooms to laboratories. I definitely gained a lot of insight about the complexities of mental illness. All of the employees I interviewed were knowledgeable and passionate about their positions.

Thank you for reading!

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